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“When the path reveals itself, follow it.” – Cheryl Strayed

We recently dropped our third and youngest child off at college. I should be a seasoned dropper by now, right?

It’s never easy to set the young birds a-flyin’, even though we know it’s exactly what we signed on to do the minute the cord was snipped!! (and someone recently asked me if I ate my placenta — well, no — but feel free to eat your own if you so desire).

As a writer, my poor children are not short on letters, cards and notes tucked under their pillows, giving them all the unsolicited advice they’ve never wanted to hear! Today, as I read words I have penned, it hit me that they pertain not only to the college-bound, but to me — to all of us.  I’ve pulled a few excerpts out and here they are. Take from it what you will. Some of these I needed to hear this very day, and maybe you need to hear them as well.

  • Continue to create and achieve — and remember that stepping out of our comfort zones is the key to real growth.

  • Always find the best in situations and in others, and cultivate the very best in yourself.

  • Forgive with a sincere heart, because the world is full of humans, and they tend to disappoint.

  • Define with sincerity what matters to you and hold fast to it.

  • Be a loyal friend to those you care deeply about. Keep their secrets. Be magnanimous. Don’t gossip. Expect nothing less from them.

  • May all good things find you, and may you receive them with a grateful heart. 

Lattes help!

Be well.

Your faithful Empty Nester,


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  1. Meagan HornMeagan Horn08-29-2017

    Aaaaannnnnndddddd these will be getting typed up to be hung around my desk! Probably home, as well!
    Thanks for this! 🙂

    • SusanSusan08-29-2017

      Meagan, thank you! I’m glad they resonated with you! 🙂

  2. Nancy BowenNancy Bowen08-29-2017

    Nice! I love the point about loyalty.

    • SusanSusan08-29-2017

      The older we get, the more important it becomes to have not simply a lot of friends, but a few loyal ones. 🙂

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